About Us

The Mike’s Naturals story began as Mike longed for a better healthy snack option to fuel his active lifestyles. Mike’s passion for hiking in the beautiful Colorado mountains and left him looking for something more than they could find on the supermarket shelves, or even online.

Mike experimented with different ingredient combinations and flavors and discovered he had created the ideal healthy snack; a seed-fortified nut butter that tasted more like a guilty indulgence than a nutrient-dense snack. Mike used premium, real-food ingredients to accentuate the beautiful nutty flavors, rather than covering them up. Even better, Mike experienced more energy and enhanced endurance to fuel their active lifestyles.

Mike’s Naturals is dedicated to making healthy snacking easier for active people. Whether you’re on a hike, bike ride, training for a 5K, or heading out to yoga class, we’ll be there to fuel your adventures. No matter how you wander.

All of our products are clean and we refuse to sacrifice flavor. We hand-select each top-tier ingredient to give you premium quality that’s worth every dollar. It’s what sets our nut butters apart from the rest! Our gourmet, boutique crafted nut butters are free of peanuts, soy, dairy, gluten, refined sugars, fillers, and artificial flavors. They are also vegan and macro-friendly. It’s clean nourishment that energizes and inspires you, from the inside out.

For us at Mike’s Naturals, it goes beyond making the best nut butter in the universe – it’s about believing everyone is capable of greatness in the pursuit of a passion. We make each jar with love and a spirit of adventure.
Exciting adventures await, so join us!