The Perfect Snack

The Perfect Snack

This recipe is so simple and easy....anyone young and old can make it!  

Order your favorite nut butter of ours; Cashew Maple Pancakes or Cinnamon Vanilla Swirl Pecan Butter and spread over your favorite toasted bread.  

Add thinly sliced bananas and/or apple slices.  Sprinkle coconut shavings or whatever other toppings you have in mind.  Dust it off with cinnamon and a dash of nutmeg! 

For an extra crunch, add roasted pecan or cashews.  Mix it up - tastes delicious anyway you do it!

Health Benefits:

Clean plant protein, low carbs, gluten free and vegan.  We use MCT Oil in our nut butters and the benefits are for brain health and weight loss.  Bananas are loaded with potassium and cinnamon is good for regulating blood sugar.  Pecans offer healthy omega 3 benefits as does chia seeds and hem.p hearts.  

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