Pecan Nut Butter Snack Twist

Pecan Nut Butter Snack Twist

Crazy easy and simple to prepare and we recommend you do this with your child/ren or as a morning, mid-afternoon or heck, even a late night snack!  It's super healthy and delicious! 

Grab a few apples and quarter; even slices so you can easily dip them!  Next, grab some pretzels and brownie bites (heck, why not, right?).

Grab your Cinnamon Vanilla Swirl Pecan Butter jar.  Scoop some out into a smaller bowl and arrange the apple slices onto a plate next to the pretzels and brownie bites.  

Dip, savor and enjoy.  This-is-heaven-in-your-mouth.

Health Benefits from this nut butter:  heart healthy omega 3 fatty acids, plant protein, digestive health, low blood sugar, healthy brain ingredients and promotes weight loss.  

Don't have our pecan butter?  Then it's high time you get yourself some:

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